Core concepts

Valet Stands, Shifts, and Tickets

Valet stands and tickets are core to everything you do, let's get a quick overview to lay a solid foundation.

Valet Stands

Physical locations where valets work - all tickets are associated with one and only one valet stand.

Each Stand is completely seperate from one another, you could have 1 stand with multiple shifts i.e a stand with an AM Shift, PM Shift, and an Overnight shift.

Important note for Stands

All tickets are associated with each stand not just your Shift, If you have leftover tickets from an AM shift, all of those tickets will transer to the PM shift in that particular stand. This is important for stands that have multiple shifts.

Valet Tickets

Valet Tickets correspond to a single vehicle, and often you'll have a paper ticket for every digital ticket in Vaya Valet.

Depending on your company you will have a paper ticket of some sort to put either on the car or hand to a guest when you intake a vehicle

Physical tickets are used for showing the make and color of the vehicle as well as the parking location. These are also a strong tool to help manage the flow of completing tickets since you can stack completed tickets at your podium during a rush and use those physical tickets to complete your digital ones on Vaya.


Shifts mark the start/end of your work shift. To do any work at a valet stand (take in vehicles), you must start a work shift at the stand. When you're done working, you must close the shift

Important Note

The first person that arrives at the valet stand will start the work shift and it will automatically clock you into the shift. Anybody that arrvies after will need to clock in to the shift. It is important to clock into your shift when you get to the stand, if you don't clock in at the correct time you are able to edit your clockin time and clockout time during and after your shift.

Getting started